Simone Felice….our Brother

17th February, 2014

We have been reminiscing here at Hee Haw HQ about all the times we have worked with Mr Simone Felice. We count 11 shows to date in various venues/cities. And that’s only the show’s we have put on, there are countless others which we have attended as punters in both the UK and Ireland.

We commissioned Mocha TV to shoot the following video in Liverpool while we were on a UK tour with Simone back in April 2011. We agree with Simone’s own words, we are family.

In addition, here is a video of his performance of “Don’t Wake The Scarecrow” on that same tour at The Cluny, Newcastle back in April 2011 (film produced and edited by Leafhouse).

See y’all at SHOW NUMBER 12: The Brudenell Social Club – Thurs 3rd April 2014.

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