What folks are saying about us:

“True champions of independent music. The Hee Haw Sessions have organized some of our most memorial shows with great venues, warm atmosphere and a sympathetic crowd. We look forward to working with them again.”
The Handsome Family

“One of the best indie promoters in the universe, they’ve always made us feel like family.”
Simone Felice

“Hee Haw Sessions are the best … so nice, so cool, and so good at what they do. I always feel lucky when I get to Hee Haw.”
Devon Sproule

“I’ve been lucky enough to have worked several times with Hee Haw Sessions over the past few years, and it’s always been a deeply enjoyable experience. They are wonderful folks with impeccable taste and a great passion for some of the most interesting music currently being made on earth. Their contribution to the Leeds music scene is invaluable; their kindness, hospitality and professionalism turn every visit that this Glaswegian makes to that city, alone or with friends, the hugest of pleasures. In a short space of time I have come to regard them as friends; if you have the good fortune to attend some of their events, then I am sure that, in time, you will feel the same.”
Alasdair Roberts

“As the son of a Yorkshire man and a Leeds lad to boot, it was a thrill to make the journey to the city of my early youth and discover such a vibrant and open minded music scene brimming with eclectic experimental music and a sympathetic yet challenging attitude to folk music. All courtesy of the hard work of the Hee Haw Gang; veritable Shire horses of folk promoters. I salute you guys”
Sam Lee

“Many of Trembling Bells songs are written through the telecsopic lense of my formative years growing up in Leeds- conjuring the impressions that surrounded some epiphanic realisation or other, through which process the landscape itself takes on heroic proportions. With Hee Haw Sessions emergence as one of the cities most imaginative and active promoters I have been able to reconnect these songs with the source of their inspiration. It’s great to know that such nice and enthusiastic people are putting on such high quality shows in my home town”
Alex Neilson – Trembling Bells

A short list of folks we love more than our own mothers:

The Handsome Family
Bonnie Prince Billy
Dead Flowers
Doug Paisley
Glen Hansard & The Frames
Simone Felice
Anyone on Loose Music
Rosanne Cash
Laura Cantrell
Devon Sproule
Trembling Bells
Alasdair Roberts
Sam Lee
Vic Chesnutt RIP
Neil McSweeney
Wilful Missing