Changes to Hee Haw HQ

16th July, 2014

We are making some changes in the Hee Haw HQ – Brett will be leaving us in a couple of weeks. He has been with us for over 5 years and his contribution to the cause has been magnificent. The whole experience has been a positive one which has ended as nicely as it started and leaves both myself and Brett with one additional amazing friendship in each our lives. Hee Haw wishes him and his lovely family the best of luck for the future.

Going forward not too much will change; Tré will be the main point of contact for all things Hee Haw. In addition, there will be a small team of helpers to do the wee jobs on the ground in Leeds. You may see them about from time to time, please be as nice to them as you have been to us over the years!

Statement from Brett:
It is with much sadness that we have to announce that I will be leaving Hee Haw Sessions this summer. Tré and I have worked together now for over 5 years, building Hee Haw, sharing the love (as well as at times the pain!), working with some of our favourite artists and bringing some great music to Leeds and beyond. This is an amicable parting. We will always remain best of friends and may even work together again in the future. Balancing work, travel and family life with the job of promoting is never easy and it is time to let Tré take the reins again. My parting will not mean the end for Hee Haw and I have no doubt Tré will ensure Hee Haw Sessions continues to grow from strength to strength. I will be setting something up myself later in the year, doing a few shows I hope and I will make sure you are all invited. Putting on these shows with Tré has been a hugely positive experience and a big part of my life over the last few years. It has been wonderful to meet you all, make some real friends and I hope to see you all again over the coming months and years – at Hee Haw events, other gigs and even my own. Thanks so much to you all for your support over the years and to Tré who has been a truly wonderful partner. My last show will be with Rosanne Cash – what a way to bow out! See you soon x


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