@Howard Assembly Room, Leeds
Wednesday 30th January 2019

The Delines is made up of Richmond Fontaine members Willy Vlautin, Sean Oldham and Freddie Trujillo, with vocalist Amy Boone (The Damnations, TX) and the keyboard and horn work of Cory Gray.

The band had only been together a week when they went into the studio and cut their first record, which Uncut gave 9/10 stars and praised for its “widescreen romanticism”, calling it “the richest collection of songs Willy Vlautin has written.”

Evoking the feel of a beat-up Dusty Springfield or a weary Rickie Lee Jones, Colfax made a dozen top ten records of the year lists. Following a long hiatus due to Amy Boone’s serious injury in a car accident, The Delines are back with their sophomore album released next January ahead of their UK tour.

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