The Hee Haw Sessions is kept together by Tré & her team of Hee Haw Helpers. We have been running successfully in Leeds since October 2007 and branched into our native Sheffield in 2011. We have promoted across the UK with shows in Newcastle, Liverpool and London as well as working with a number of local and national festivals.

We have a great reputation with many artists, all of whom have been more that happy to return to us again. We pride ourselves on taking care of every need and our hospitality is second to none. All this coupled with ensuring the financial success of the event. We also pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcome feeling at all our events to ensure gig goers, regulars and artists alike enjoy the Hee Haw experience.

We have been doing this a long time. We are passionate about the music we host. We understand what is required to make an event successful. We’re patient, professional, perfectionist and most of all we care.